Mold Internal labeling Machine

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1.Manipulator positioning and labeling accurately,label inlaid firmly,no warping,no wrinkling,no foaming. 2.Labeling and product molding are completed at one time,the product feeling smoothly,novel and beautiful,don't need manual labeling and secondary processing process,and improving production efficiency. 3.Easy to operation,label replace conveniently and wide application range.

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Product Description

BF6940A0B3DF2E9F65BFBE049C3F7A8CSolve 3 big problems of production packaging

1.High production efficiency, one machine is equivalent to 50 workers, fast speed and strong stability, improve production efficiency.

2.Will not cause label waste, more accurate detection

3.Improve the appearance of products, machine labeling effectively reduce the occurrence of paste distortion, reduce the phenomenon of bubbles.

Technical Specification

Our Service

Reply the request and take action in24 hours.
Blowing mould and injection mould made at TONVA original company.
100% Quality inspection before the shipment.
Auxiliary machine for complete line.
Provide training service in TONVA company or clinet’s factory.
Customized design is available as requirements.
Engineer for overseas installation is available
Provide consultation service in request.

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Our machine has been serving customers all over the world.

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