Lightweight PET bottle mold technology is also energy-saving | Plastic Technology

Combining the existing basic design and mold exhaust technology can save costs for users of all types of stretch blow molding machines.
Sidel’s French mold maker Competek, which was recently formed by merging its COMEP and PET Engineering subsidiaries, now offers a combination of two existing mold technologies that are expected to reduce weight and save energy in stretch blow molding of PET bottles.
One technology is Sidel’s Starlite basic design for non-carbonated and carbonated beverages, helping to reduce bottle weight and increase stability after palletizing. Through a special license agreement, Competek is able to provide this technology to all PET bottle manufacturers, no matter what brand of stretch blow molding machine they use. Previously, Starlite was only available to Sidel Machinery customers. It is said that a 0.5-liter bottle can reduce weight by up to 1 gram, and a 1.5-liter bottle can reduce weight by up to 2 grams.
The second technology in this new package is Supervent, originally developed by COMEP, which uses additional vents in the ribs to improve air release in the mold, thereby reducing the required blow molding pressure. The result is said to be significant energy saving.
Both of these technologies have been widely used in the market and can be used for all types and sizes of PET bottles. The maximum capacity for carbonated products is 2.5L, and the maximum for non-carbonated products is 5L. The Starlight base and Supervent technology can retrofit existing molds without changing the vessel design, except for the base. It is said that this combined solution is also compatible with 100% recycled PET materials.
This is a guideline for specifying screws and barrels that will continue to be used under conditions that can chew standard equipment.
One of the first applications of blow-molded HDPE bottles was to replace glass for bleach packaging.

Post time: Aug-30-2021