The Impact of Covid 19 on the Blow Molding Machine Market-Global Industry Report 2030

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has doubled the demand for blow molding, flexible packaging and beverage machinery. As consumers demand necessities such as soap, disinfectant and other cleaning products, the demand for various blow molding machines such as injection stretch and extrusion has surged. The unprecedented demand for cleaning and disinfection products has created opportunities for companies in the blow molding machine market to capture value. As individuals spend most of their time in self-isolation, the demand for beverages such as juice, water and beer is also growing.
As people are quickly completing their basic inventory, injection molding machines used to produce boxes will also be in high demand. Sidel, the manufacturer of stretch blow molding systems, has transformed its international center of excellence into a production facility for PET (polyethylene terephthalate) hand sanitizer bottles. Therefore, the blow molding machine market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period.
Innovations in stretch blow molding machines are becoming more and more common. These machines have attracted the attention of investors because these systems are capable of producing high-quality bottles for catering, packaging and transportation applications. The blow molding machine market is expected to mature with the improvement of system accuracy and speed, and will reach a value of 65.1 billion US dollars by 2030. Plastic manufacturers prefer the flexibility and repeatability of stretch blow molding machines. The revolutionary technology in the machine creates more opportunities for companies in the automotive, beverage, healthcare, and cosmetic industries.
In the blow molding machine market, the largest cavitation phenomenon has attracted investor sentiment. Canadian machinery manufacturing company Pet All Manufacturing Inc. is proficiently developing high-speed stretch blow molding machines to ensure rapid mold changes without the need for tools. Therefore, plastic manufacturers have realized the cost-effectiveness and high-speed operation of advanced stretch blow molding machines.
Blow molding machines are designed to meet the needs of beverage and non-beverage applications. However, for plastic manufacturers, maintaining the constancy of compressed air can be a challenge. Therefore, companies in the blow molding machine market are adding low and high pressure systems that do not affect other processes. As PET blow molding applications are developing rapidly, manufacturers are increasing their R&D capabilities to develop advanced blow molding machines.
Companies in the blow molding machine market are developing systems that are well-suited for compressed air recirculation, which ensures that air is recirculated back to the low pressure system of the plant. Local air storage tanks and appropriately sized pneumatic components can help reduce pressure drops in PET blow molding applications. The machine manufacturer must consult experts to identify and measure the pressure drop in the blow molding machine.
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The blow molding machine market is undergoing changes, introducing innovative and economical new foam blowing technology. For example, blow molding technology solution provider W.MÜLLER GmbH is committed to successfully foaming blow mold containers with its three-layer technology. The thin covering layer combined with the foam core ensures high rigidity of the container and helps reduce its weight.
Advanced blow molding technology eliminates the need for chemical blowing agents. In chemical blowing agents, the middle layer of the container is foamed with nitrogen in a purely physical process. This technology is a good omen for companies in the blow molding machine market, because this environmentally friendly technology complies with the current food packaging laws. Foam bottles require less cycle and blowing time, which helps to verify the economic rationality of the equipment.
All-electric blow molding machines are creating business opportunities for the company. Parker Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of turnkey solutions for blow molding machines in Taiwan. It is promoting its all-electric blow molding machines on the market and is popular for its high-performance hydraulic energy-saving system. Compared with traditional hydraulic presses, companies in the blow molding machine market are increasing their production capacity to manufacture low-energy all-electric systems.
All-electric blow molding machines with extremely low maintenance costs are the first choice of plastic manufacturers because these systems do not cause oil pollution. Companies in the blow molding machine market focus on all-electric systems. These systems will not cause oil spills and save maintenance costs for plastic manufacturers.
Deploying innovations in stretch blow molding machines requires years of engineering experience. Tech-Long Inc.-Asian manufacturer of beverage packaging machines, with a strong business foundation in the United States and Europe, and is innovating its blow molding machine, which can produce flat bottles for beverage and non-beverage applications And oversized containers. Companies in the blow molding machine market are designing systems to produce asymmetric bottles based on priority heating technology.
On the other hand, companies in the blow molding machine market are improving their ability to produce hybrid systems. They specialize in machines that can meet the requirements of polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate and polyvinyl chloride materials. Equipment manufacturers are exploring more opportunities by developing systems that produce oil tanks, edible oil containers, toys and household containers.
The unprecedented demand for disinfection and cleaning products has driven the adoption of blow molding machines to make hand soaps, disinfectants and hydrogels. All-electric blow molding systems are becoming more and more popular in the market. During the forecast period, the blow molding machine market is expected to grow at a moderate compound annual growth rate of about 4%. Therefore, the unpredictable expansion of extrusion molding technology called die expansion has become an obstacle to plastic production. Therefore, companies should accept significant deviations from product dimensions or tolerances to avoid mold expansion problems. The low-cost characteristics of extrusion molding technology catalyzed the demand for blow molding machines.
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