Our extrusion blow molding machine is widely applied to daily-use products, sport water bottle, pesticide bottle, medicine bottle, cosmetic bottle, food packing container, furniture parts, auto parts, toy, jerry can and other small or medium-sized hollow plastic products. Constant back-up support is our best service tool. In every phase of your project, we are here to offer technical advice. Your satisfaction at the purchasing experience is a great acknowledge to us. We are also committed to fulfilling your production efficiency to the utmost with the goal of win-win cooperation.

Blow Mould and injection Mould

  • Oil Pot Making Machine

    Oil Pot Making Machine

    Multi-die head, multi-station and high yield are the characteristics of this model. The die head adopts central feeding type, and the high-precision machining center is used to process the fluid and die body, so as to ensure the same thickness of the material embryo in each cavity.